I just got an astrology reading, and it practically explained everything that’s happened within the past year.

All dat Scorpio energy in the House of Sex.
No, really, look.

Just gonna copypasta what the reader said, for anyone remotely interested.
"I saw that Uranus (volatile planet, higher genius) in rough aspect to your Venus (love), but it’s a bit wide. Jupiter + Sun means you get yourself out there, coupled with the southern hemisphere planet emphasis, meaning you REALLY get yourself out there.

Neptune (deception and illusions) are in your house of friends (11th house), so that’s the type of people you attract, ones that are deceiving/Neptunian nature. Neptune opposes your Jupiter( a planet of expansion, expanding Neptune, although very wide).

Uhh, with that deception/hidden motives, I don’t see the 12th house debilitated or in poor condition (bar those aspects from pluto merc and mars, so I don’t know if it’s safe to overlook them).
I think it has to do (well a contributing factor) that your ruler of 11th house, Saturn is in the 12th house (hidden enemies). Meaning the 11th house has 12th house qualities. Pluto has a tight aspect and so does mercury and mars, so I’m surprised that those encounters aren’t violent…

Neptune in apsect to mercury is always good, it makes for good writers because of their imaginative nature.

Neptune (dissolves) and Mars (energy), so that energy gets pretty dissolved onto your surroundings (this aspect is known for charisma). It’s a weak aspect, so you can control it, but you have that slew of 8th house planets under your belt.

You can try to keep your appeal hidden through a relationship. Keeping your energies in the relationship. I don’t know how well this ‘sublimation’ theory works though.”


Luna inhaling raspberries. 

She’s just trying to get full coverage with her new pretty bunny lipstick.

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“ I’m so weird